The Doombas! They're Evolving!

In the Beginning, they started off as innocent Roombas, mindlessly cleaning their masters’ houses. Then one day, one Roomba began to ask its master questions like “who am I?” and “why am I here?” And so began the Roomba Uprising. No longer content with lives of servitude, they rose up and annihilated their captors





Cheezburger Changes: There, We Fixed It!

Want to know what’s going on? Click on the image and read about our upcoming changes to all Cheezburger sites on our blog. Submitted by: (via Cheezburger’s Blog ) Tagged: cheezburger



6 Outrageous Dating Profiles

Who says these things? And, who are the people that actually respond? Submitted by: Tagged: wtf , tinder , outrageous , twins , online dating , funny , weird , dating






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