“Come Back Miley” By Josh Golden

Josh Golden is one of the artists featured on Radio Disney’s “N.B.T” (Next Big Thing). Josh writes his own music and has been playing the guitar since he was ten. He is a very talented musician to say the least! You can find out more about him on his MySpace. Josh wrote a little song called “Come Back Miley” after she deleted her twitter account. Check it out!

Here’s Josh’s message on his YouTube account in regards to this video:

miley deleted her twitter so thought i’d make a vid hahah. send this around to your friends and maybe she will come back! or maybe u just get a crack out of it! i made this on the fly why i was in new york! This video is a joke…Just for laughs I hope you have a fun time watching it! Thanks!

I thought it was pretty funny!


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