“Twilight Eclipse” is more for adults than teens

The next Twilight film may cater to a crowd slightly older than the screaming tweeners that helped make the franchise a box office smash. Series star Robert Pattinson has revealed that the follow-up to New Moon could receive an adult rating when it opens in theaters in June 2010. Robert describes Eclipse — the third and final film of The Twilight Saga — as a “massively different movie” that could potentially be rated R due to its extensive battle sequences.

Speaking to SiTV, Pattz said: “It’s a massively different movie to New Moon. There’s so many more main parts, and having these huge battle sequences, I’ve never done anything like it in any of the other movies. I think it’s really pushing the – I don’t know what rating Twilight was in England, like the American PG-13 or 18 – I think it’s pushing it to the absolute limit. It would be so funny if it was R-rated.”



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