Ashlee Simpson Cheating With ‘Melrose Place’ Co-Star Colin Egglesfield?

ashlee_simpson_colin_egglesfield1Has Ashlee Simpson found a better man for herself than that emo husband of hers, Pete Wentz?  Sources have revealed that Ashlee was getting touchy-feely with Colin Egglesfield in between takes on September 23rd, while Pete was in Dallas, touring. Dressed in only a robe, she was reported to be grabbing his hand, hugging him repeatedly. A source said, “They hung out together for hours. She giggled nonstop and did the whole hair-flip thing. If I were her husband, I wouldn’t be happy with the way she’s acting!”

Pete is said to be jealous of their working relationship. He caught Ashlee googling Colin and flipped out. The snitch added, “She claimed it was just research, but Pete wasn’t buying it. They got into a huge fight over it and didn’t speak for days, and then he went on tour.” Ladies, who would you rather come home to? source.


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