Changes To The Voting System

Happy Monday Politicos,

We know that you all, as people actively engaged in political discussion and debate, will appreciate hearing about changes in the voting system of this website.

Over the last several months, we’ve collected more than 100 pieces of feedback from you, our users, about our voting system.

Starting on Wednesday, we’re going to implement a few changes designed to:
1) Help you get more laughter out of the day and
2) Simplify the site experience.

First, many people didn’t like voting on one lol at a time, so we’re combining what’s in “Upcoming” and “Vote” into one tab, called “Vote.”

Second, we’re changing voting to resemble the rest of the Cheezburger Network, which allows you to vote on as many (or as few) lolz as you’d like.

Voting helps us decide which political pictures you love and would like to see on the homepage. It’s an important part of our community, and if there are any other suggestions, please contact us. We’ll keep making improvements.

The Pundit Kitchen Team


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