Demi Heads to Twitter to Say She’s NOT Dating Joe

4061092022_9f0f57f3b5_oThis rumor was very weird to me from the beginning…Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas dating? I don’t think so!  She has said time and time again that the Jonas Brothers are definitely like brothers and there are no romantic feelings there. Sure, it makes for one great story since they play love interests in Camp Rock, but according to Demi, it’s not true. She tweeted, “There’s been a lot of rumors lately that I’m dating one of my best friends Joe. I can promise my entire career that I am not. We’ve NEVER dated. He’s incredible, but we don’t have feelings for each other in that way. I love you guys, and I wouldn’t lie about that. It’s unfortunate that some people out there are so desperate for attention that they have to make up gossip to keep their site alive. But that’s how this whole city works I guess. It just makes me sad that people are that mean in this world. Believe what you want, love me or hate me. I can’t change your mind for you so do what you want! True fans (friends) are here for me forever.”

So there you have it! From Demi’s mouth, er, twitter herself.


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