FAIL Blog’s 2011 Top Ten FAILS

THE FIX IS IN! 1st Place: U.S. Congress with 19% of the vote! 2nd Place: Westboro Baptist Church got 15% of the vote! 3rd Place: Kim Kardashian gets the Bronze with 12%! Runner Ups: Rebecca Black snagged 11%! Charlie Sheen came up with 10%! Muammar Gaddafi danced away with 7%! Casey Anthony grabbed 6%! Jerry Sandusky pulled 5%! Lindsay Lohan ran away with 4%! Anthony Weiner came away with 3%! 1st Place: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ marriage is the clear winner with 24%! 2nd Place: Congress declares pizza a vegetable takes second with 13%! 3rd Place: Harold Camping’s prediction of the Rapture sneaks into third with 12%! Runner Ups: The Occupy Protests grabbed 11%! The Internet Censorship Bill came in with 10%! Mariah Yeater accuses Justin Bieber of fathering her baby took 7%! The GOP debates nabbed 5%! Anthony Weiner shows his weiner came in with 4%! Trump raises questions about Obama’s birth certificate combed in 3%! Sony gets attacked by Lulzsec garnered 2%! 1st Place: Bootleg Fireworks Fail Takes the gold with 13%! 2nd Place: Understanding Physics Fail gets the Silver with 11%! 3rd Place: They See Me Rollin’ Fail rolled in 9%! Runner Ups: Dumpster Parkour Fail hits the ground with 8%! Parking Spot Fail soaks up 7%! Army Double Fail is 6% strong! Too Old For Playgrounds Fail slide in 5%! Treadmill Technique Fail grabbed 4%! Monkey Bar Dismount Fail landed 3%! Choice of Swimming Hole Fail took 2%!


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