Kevin Jonas Trashes Gifts From Fans – Photos

kevin_jonas_trashes_giftskevin_jonas_trashes_gifts2Note to all of the fan girls of the Jonas Brothers, they do NOT want your sketches that you’ve poured your heart into. It’s all going to end up in the trash.  One fan says she was waiting outside of the Four Seasons where the Jonas Brothers had been staying. She had previously waited there, taken pictures with them, and had given Kevin Jonas some sketches that she drew personally. Yesterday, the maid from the Four Seasons came out of their rooms with several trash bags full of the gifts that they had accumulated. The maid showed the waiting girls what was in the bags.It turns out that the sketches the girl made for Kevin were among the garbage left behind. She asked the maid where the sketches were found and she said, “the trashcan in one of the Jonas’ hotel rooms.” Lovely. So if you’re stalking the Jonas Brothers to give them heart shaped box you put together out of paper mache, they don’t want it. source.


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