Lady GaGa: ‘Jennifer Aniston Looks Boring’

JTM-0469952LADY GaGa says fashion saved her life.  The LoveGame singer — who is known for her outrageous fashion choices and party lifestyle — says developing her own individual look made her feel liberated. GaGa also says she admires Jennifer Aniston — but admits the actress looks a bit boring. “Fashion saved my life,” she told  Canada’s Flare magazine. “It was complete liberation… it made me feel powerful, ambitious and much more resilient.“We all need an image that screams, ‘I’m an individual!’ I think Jennifer Aniston is beautiful – she’s gorgeous – but I prefer to look interesting rather than pretty.” The 23-year-old also revealed that she’s been busy training for her upcoming The Monster Ball Tour. “I’ve been training for two hours a day to get ready for this,” she said. “I sing on the treadmill! “I do cardio and weights on top of my rehearsals. I want to get my whole body in prime condition so I can carry the show.”


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