Megan Fox Not Focused on Fame

FP_3615884_RIJ_JENNIFER_BODY_091609Hottie MEGAN Fox says she’s “thrilled” to have so many fans — but insists she isn’t chasing fame.  The actress — who became a household name after starring the Transformers movies — says she’s unfazed by her superstar status. “I try not to focus on fame,” Megan said. “I am not that aware of it all except at certain times like when I was on the press tour for Transformers and there were large crowds of people wherever we went.“When I was at the Teen Choice Awards recently it was great. I got very nervous when they got to my category because I thought they would all be screaming for Beyonce but not for me. I thought it would get quiet when they announced my name, I was actually scared.

“But instead there was a huge eruption of screaming and cheering and that made me so happy. I am thrilled to have so many teenage fans. I think teenagers are the best fans to have and if girls like me, then I am extremely happy because I do not want to push the female audience away. “It is a fine line that you walk when you are sold a certain way in the media.  I don’t think I have alienated girls, though, because it is usually teenage girls who approach me.”


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