Miley’s thank yous in Tour book

2z7l9iwShe talks about 2 people, one is “Juice”(Guessing Nick or Justin?) and one is “Ham and Cheese”(people are saying that’s Liam cuz she called him Li-ham and cheese once on twitter?) Juice:  “No matter what lies in our past or lies ahead in our future I will always love you. I will thank God everyday for the friend that he has put in my life. You continue to inspire me and you remind me to live for what really matters. Love, music, and above all Jesus Christ.” Ham and Cheese(it sounds like it relates more to Justin IMO):
“Ham & Cheese, I know I have not known you for more than a few months but I feel like its a lifetime. When I met you I was dazed and confused. I didnt know who i was and tried to sttand strong on my own when i really just needed someone to lean on. Thank you for being there for me when i needed you. I promise to always do the same.” source.


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