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Kristen Stewart Fights Diabetes with Sugar Ray

kristen-stewart-11089-16Getting an early start to the day, Kristen Stewart teamed up with boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles on Sunday (Novemebr 8). The “New Moon” actress and her boxing counterpart happened to be on-hand to cut the tape at the annual “Walk to Cure Diabetes” charity event.  Meanwhile, Kristen recently expressed her goal to keep her private life just that – private.She tells, “It has been difficult to get used to the attention. Overall, it has been a very positive experience but there have been times when everything has got too intense.” The Bella Swan babe adds, “I never thought I’d need security but there are thousands of people at some of these events. I have also learned from experience that the paparazzi will follow me anywhere. Now it is just so much easier to stay in with friends than deal with all the attention when you go out. It is a very odd feeling to know that everything you say and do is going to be examined by people. I made the decision last year to keep my private life to myself. I can’t do anything about all the speculation. I know what is true and that is all that matters.”




Miley Cyrus got a black tattoo?

VH1 Divas ArrivalsFrom OceanUp: From Katie: A close friend of mine is a tattoo artist in Philadelphia. Last week Miley came in and asked to get a small black butterfly tattoo on her lower back. She got it and was so excited, she was with her Brandi and some other guy, maybe her sister’s boyfriend. I wouldn’t be surprised if photos start showing up. I hope this isnt true, but who knows? she showed up with a pierced nose.


Demi Lovato: First Class Flyer

EXCLUSIVE: Demi Lovato At The Burbank AirportAlways on the go, Demi Lovato was spotted at the Burbank Airport to catch a first class flight out of town on Tuesday (October 27). The departure comes just days after Miss Lovato took the stage for City of Hope at their annual Concert of Hope event.  The “Camp Rock” cutie also was busy working on her brand new video “Remember December” just yesterday. Of her doings, Demi tweeted, “On the set of my new music vid for Remember December… It’s gonna be killer. Like no other video I’ve shot before!!!”Later, she added, “Thanks to everybody that came out to either watch or be a part of the new video. YAY! SO excited for you to see it!”

EXCLUSIVE: Demi Lovato At The Burbank Airport

EXCLUSIVE: Demi Lovato At The Burbank Airport

EXCLUSIVE: Demi Lovato At The Burbank Airport

EXCLUSIVE: Demi Lovato At The Burbank Airport


Noah Cyrus get’s ready for halloween!

noah-cyrus-halloween-dream%20(5)Up & coming talent/ beauty Noah Lindsey Cyrus and her cousin Emily Grace Reaves hit up the 16th Annual Dream halloween held at The Barker Hangar at the Santa Monica Airport in Santa Monica on October 24. Photos: Fame, Juan Rico. Do YOU like Noie’s costume? What is she supposed to be?


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