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Build Your Own Flamethrower!

Instructables user PDRWLSN created this pocket-sized flame thrower not just because it’s freaking awesome, but as a way to start a quick fire when you’re camping and only have access to wet wood. The gun uses materials readily available at any hardware store with butane lighter fluid as a fuel source and a BBQ ignition switch as a trigger. Below is a video showing the machine failing to melt snow.


Another Way To Grill On The Go

If the BBQ Briefcase wasn’t in your price range, you might want to give this guy a try. It’s a little heavier, a lot uglier, but at least the food will be ready by the time you arrive at your destination. ~NSHA Submitted by: STAYOFF


BBQ In a Briefcase

Caron Rotisseries, a company that must have been founded by Q in his retirement, recently released its newest product; a portable rotisserie grill. Perfect for a day at the beach, an extremely nonchalant office, or if you feel like walking around looking like a professional assassin. It comes with a removal charcoal pan for grilling and the rotating skewers can be powered by A/C adapter or lithium battery.