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Essentially Megyn

Bill O’Reilly and “Fox News” reporter Megyn Kelly discuss how totally wussy those UC Davis protesters were. I mean, it’s just pepper in your eyes, come on! Congratulations Megyn, you’re a meme now too! Submitted by: Unknown


We Have a Winner

A visual followup to the Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly discussion about rapper Common via Papa Bear’s own site. Thanks user danielsangeo! Submitted by: Unknown Via: The Daily What



Full of Surprises

Bill O’Reilly sets the facts straight about everyone’s favorite Obama internet rumors. Get ready for some pen pointing and voice-raising, kids, Papa Bear’s tired of all your folderol. Via The Daily What





United We Rise

Charlie Chaplin’s glorious speech from “The Great Dictator” is set to footage from the riots in countries like Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia. It’s just as stirring and relevant as you would expect