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Little Girl and Garbage Man Have the Most Adorable Friendship

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Every Thursday is garbage day. And every Thursday 3-year-old Brooklyn Adracke is glowing with anticipation as she waits for her favorite person in the world, Delvar the garbage man.

Last Thursday was Brooklyn’s birthday and she really wanted to share one of her cupcakes with Delvar. She stood and waited with the cheeziest smile, until Delvar finally arrived.

Then, that following week, Delvar showed up with a surprise of his own.



These Students Made Their Teacher Cry in Class, but Only Because He Didn't Expect a Surprise Birthday Party

Twitter user @Saeya8 originally posted this video on Twitter with this caption about her teacher’s surprise birthday party:

Threw our teacher a surprise party. He doesn’t remember the last time he has a bday cake 🎈😊🎉🎁

According to the Daily Mail, this teacher is Kyle Simpler of Burleson High School in Texas. He revealed that it’s been about 10 years since he’s had a real birthday cake.