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Demi at Children’s Hospital

260xsnkA pic of Demi at Children’s Hospital in Texas. It was taken during the summer I believe. I think its great that she didn’t hop on her twitter that day and go “I am going to the Children’s Hospital, look how fantastic I am. Look at all these pictures of me with sick babies“. The more everyone else hates on Demi the more I am starting to like her. I think that more and more she is starting to break out of the little box Disney made for her. I feel the opposite way about Selena.
I don’t know how many of you have actually reached the age of 17, or whether this prudish nature you have is just a project of being raised in the US, but when I was that age I was sneaking into clubs with my sister’s ID and dating whoever the hell I wanted and it didn’t screw me up for life. It’s really not that big of a deal. source.


liam is guarded about reln with milerz

161b4tuSeptember 28, 2009, (Sawf News) – Miley Cyrus’ rumored boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, was guarded about his relationship with her speaking to the press at an event in Australia on Monday, September 28. Hemsworth attended a dinner for Foxtel TV at Aria restaurant in Sydney, Australia, where he was asked if he and Miley are a couple. He had to think about what to say for several seconds. He then said: “We just made a movie together. That’s it.”

According to reports, he and Miley have been a couple since June when they started filming new Disney movie The Last Song, in which they are romantically paired. After wrapping the film, they were pictured kissing goodbye at Nashville airport. Last week, Liam was spotted in Los Angeles at one of her concerts, during which shots of the two of them from the film appeared on screens. BONUS: PARTY IN THE USA WAS UPLOADED ON THE HOLLYWOOD RECS YOUTUBE… HQ PARTY IN THE USA

Miley then told the audience: “Life imitates art.”

It’s also said they were later spotted “in an extended real-life pash” at Miley’s aftershow party inside LA’s trendy Katsuya restaurant.


I think that’s great that relationship isn’t plastered all over the news like Jiley and Niley. Get it gurl
Also feel free to post any Miam gifs.

yet another source.