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We’re trying to muster up some enthusiasm about this shirt, but…meh.

Wednesday’s Shirt of the Day shirt is finally here! You had to wait through Monday and Tuesday, but Wednesday has arrived in style! Visit our store to learn more!

meh t-shirt

Today’s LOLMart Shirt of the Day will be only available today, and then it will be gone forever!

What better way to express your apathy than with a shirt that says everything for you? After all, opening your mouth and, you know, saying something takes effort. That’s energy you could spend doing other things. Like buying t-shirts, for example.

We all say it (even Homer Simpson says it. In fact, he may have been the first to say it!), and now we can all have a shirt that says it, too. Simple, classic, and pop-culture-tastic. We’d get excited, but…


It is all emotions rolled into one simple word…And now you can fold that simple word up and place it in a drawer next to your other LOLMart shirts.

LOLMart t-shirts are priced at only $15 (that includes FREE US ground shipping!), makes the perfect holiday gift for a friend (or for yourself).
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