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82nd Annual Academy Awards Caption Contest Winners

Just as Oscar season has come and gone, so has our Academy Awards Caption Contest. Thanks for all of your creative captioning and hard work. Oh, and I suppose you probably want to read some of the wonderful captions that flooded into our office. Here are just a few of our favorites:

sandra bullock
Submitted by Travsam

ben stiller
Submitted by Brown

neil patrick harris
Submitted by reo01

A few more after the jump:

taylor lautner, kristen stewart
Submitted by r0xx

kathryn bigelow
Submitted by moxichick67

Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin
Submitted by claregurl

Bonus Bullocks:

sandra bullock
Submitted by h.poet


Lady GaGa’s Telephone Video Caption Contest

The first official photos from the upcoming Lady GaGa (featuring Beyoncé) video, “Telephone,” were released last night. The video is rumored to be an epic, 12-minute long, Quentin Tarantino-referencing romp that picks up where GaGa’s “Paparazzi” video left off. What better way to celebrate this pop culture event than with a caption contest?!

Lady Gaga

lady gaga

lady gaga

To participate, simply:

1. Click on any (or all) of the photos above to be taken to our LOLBuilder.
2. Caption your photo(s). The builder will provide you with a link to your LOL.
3. E-mail the link to roflrazzi@gmail.com. You may also include your LOL as an attachment, if you prefer.
4. Contest ends Monday, February 22, at 12:01 a.m.

We will post the winning captions next week!

Be creative, have fun, and good luck!



2010 Grammy Awards Caption Contest Winners

It’s time to announce the 2010 Grammy Awards Caption Contest winners. We received a great many submissions (the pairing of Lady GaGa and Elton John + Taylor Swift’s klutzy moment seem to have gotten your creative juices flowing). Though we enjoyed reading through all of your submissions, we’re only able to post a few. We hope you all had fun. Thanks so much for your participation!

Lady Gaga and Elton John
Submitted by smarti22

Taylor Swift
Submitted by ploben

Stephen Colbert
Submitted by majortom

A few more Grammy LOLs after the jump:

Submitted by drea01

Lady GaGa and Elton John
Submitted by bobsmom47

Taylor Swift
Submitted by Jenny1

Thanks again to all of you who participated!!!


State of the Union Caption Contest Winners

A big Thank You to all of you who participated in the State of the Union caption contest. We received hundreds of submissions. It pains us that we are only able to post a few. Thanks again for all your hard work and cleverness!

Barack Obama
Submitted by simmaster07

State of the Union
Submitted by Murasaki

One more after the jump!

Submitted by Amber B