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Ico Pumpkin WIN

Deviantart user Ceemdee has an awesome collection of video game and pop culture pumpkins. The carvings are really well done, and he pulls from some cool source material. Hats off, Ceemdee! Check for more of his work in the via link below and in this gallery



Pumpkin WIN Faceoff!

Here at WIN, we aim to saturate the internet with as many cool pumpkin designs as we can this holiday season. We already saw some earlier , but before we go all crazy with our favorite squash, let’s check two prime examples


Yoda Multi-Pumpkin WIN

This carving was actually made with three separate pumpkins and attached together to make a single, amazing Yoda. Check for more in the via link, and stay tuned to WIN for more cool pumpkins than your puny brain can handle! Submitted by: Unknown Via: Neatorama