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Witty Girlfriend Leaves the Most Adorable Post-its For Her Boyfriend Everyday

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All of this cuteness is too much.

The internet was shook with feels when Redditor General-ColinBile posted these post-its “visited my younger cousin and noticed how his girlfriend shows love”.

To give context he wrote — “They were posted on his bathroom mirror. I took them down for better picture taking… Amazingly even at his age, he’s mature enough to see she’s someone special.”

Someone special indeed.








This Dude's Facebook Complaint to Tesco Is the Best Thing on the Internet

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Wes Metcalfe posted a complaint on the wall of the Facebook page of British supermarket Tesco about finding a dead worm in a cucumber.

The complaint spiraled out of control and included Oasis covers, a funeral, and some of the best damn customer service in the history of the planet.

If Rob from Customer Care doesn’t get a promotion/raise/bonus out of this, I will have officially lost all faith in humanity.

RIP William