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Mother Nature FTW: All in One Picture!

A waterfall, a rainbow, and a touch of the Aurora Borealis! It’s like all of Mother Nature FTW rolled up into one package. This photo was taken by Stephanie Vetter, and was recently featured in NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day. Amazing stuff! Check out more cool nature photos and travel photography over at Five Minute Getaway! Submitted by: Unknown Via: Stephanie Vetter


3D Drawings WIN

Twenty-year-old Chilean artist Fredo creates these amazing pictures, setting up his camera and lighting in such a way that makes his drawings come to life and create the illusion of three dimensional space. Check out more in the gallery below! Submitted by: Unknown Via: Flavorwire



Layered Image WIN

These photos are from Max de Esteban’s Proposition One series. Esteban takes mechanical objects apart, photographs them multiple times while piecing them back together, then layers the photographs, producing a cool x-ray effect. Check out more in the via link! Submitted by: Unknown Via: Dooby Brain



Bubble Photography WIN

German photographer Heinz Maier creates these amazing shots using macro photography techniques and good old fashioned timing, dropping different dyes and fluids and catching the splash.