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Silmarillion Manuscript WIN

German art student Benjamin Harff spent a year re-binding and transcribing The Silmarillion (Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings prequel) in the style of a medieval illuminated manuscript. The process to create these hyper-detailed letters and graphics is (surprise!) very time-consuming, but his efforts have paid off. Check the gallery below for more, and the via link for an interview with Harff himself


Papercraft WIN

Julie Wilkinson and Joyanne Horscroft comprise the duo The Makerie, specializing in fine-crafted paper sculptures. The amount of detail in these works is nothing short of incredible. Speaking as someone who can’t make a proper paper crane, this is more than a little awesome.



Balloons WIN

Check out these balloon sculptures done by the “Airigami” team of Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle. Check the gallery below, and then the via link for more! Submitted by: Unknown Via: Environmental Graffiti


Pop-Up WIN

Web Urbanist managed to compile a sweet collection of pop-up books for the over-8-years-old crowd. Very cool stuff! Check the gallery below for more, and their own page for descriptions of each one