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Doodle Art WIN

These are the “doodle” works of Sagaki Keita, who creates intricately detailed drawings by scribbling tiny doodles into a greater whole. More impressive still is that the works seen here were all created in the past year alone.


Drip Painting WIN

Amy Shackleton creates these paintings using a very unique technique. Rather than brushing the paint on, she applies large patches and then drips the paint into place, often rotating the canvas to get her desired results. Her subjects feature a cool interpolation of the city and natural landscapes







Apple Skull WIN

Russian artist Dimitri Tsykalov eschews traditional sculpting tools and makes these fruit and vegetable skulls using axes, saws, and electrical drills – making them even creepier than they already are. Check the via link for more, and check out plenty more cool food sculptures and lols over here! Submitted by: Unknown Via: Best Week Ever