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A True Holiday Miracle: Beloved Dog Missing for 6 Years Is Reunited With Family

It’s as if this story walked right off the set of a heartwarming Hallmark Holiday movie; this will bring on all the warm and fuzzy feels.

David Marks told ABC News,

I couldn’t believe it. It was an absolute surprise, and the perfect Christmas gift.

For the last six years spent away from his home, Willie was provided for by a family out of Eureka, Nevada, almost 300 miles from his home in Las Vegas. With Willie back at home, the Marks tell the press that it feels like everything’s right again. Isn’t that a happy ending to a long and bumpy tale?



Instead of a PS4, Santa Brought One Little Boy a Piece of Wood With a Dong Drawn on It

little boy receives block of wood instead of ps4

Nine-year-old Scott Lundy was so excited to receive a PS4 this christmas until he opened the box and found a wooden replica of the system placed there by thieves. To add insult to injury, they included a “crude drawing of male genitals” (missed opportunity for a dickbutt) on the wood and a message that said “from cock and balls with love.”

Scott’s parents were able to return the console to Target and get a replacement, but Scott’s faith in Santa Claus is shaken. I guess Call of Duty: Black Ops III and The Uncharted Collection will be there to carry him through this difficult time.