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Marble Manhattan WIN

Artist Yutaka Sone created this detailed map of the island of Manhattan out of a single block of marble. After studying maps, Google Earth, and taking helicopter rides over the city, Yutaka was able to create a near-perfect carving in the 2.5-ton piece of stone. Submitted by: Unknown Via: Spoon & Tamago




Toothpick Sculpture WIN

San Francisco man Scott Francis Weaver crafted this toothpick sculpture over the course of thirty-six years, autobiographically constructing some of his greatest life moments and the details of his travels. All told, he used 103,987 toothpicks and spent over three thousand hours working on the project. Now that I feel entirely unproductive, I’ll let you all get back to your business! Submitted by: Unknown Via: Telegraph




World’s Worst Commutes

The results of IBM’s “Commuter Pain 2011″ survey, taken by asking people what city they commute in and how much it sucks (click the image to embiggen). Tough break for Mexico City, and will Montreal please stop looking so smug? You’re hurting Beijing and Shenzen’s feelings




Staple City WIN

Artist Peter Root spent over forty hours stacking staples in the form of a city for a recent art installation. Check out a video of the work in progress above, and even more of his work on his personal website in the via link!




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