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Day and Night WIN

Photographer Stephen Wilkes takes photos of various cityscapes at different times of the day and blends them together to create a single snapshot, capturing the atmosphere of the area across the course of a day.



Photoshop a Looter

Any Londoners need to express their frustrations with looting through humorous ‘Shops? Take back your city’s dignity! Submitted by: Unknown Via: Photoshop a Looter




City of Cards WIN

Bryan Berg reproduced the casino “Venetian Macao Resort Hotel” (Macao-China) with 218.792 playing cards. Submitted by: Marielen Via: Barcroft Media/Getty Images




Historical Thursday: The Theatrophone

For this month’s final Historical Thursday, we’re going to discuss a similar topic as last week ; mind-boggling inventions that are decades ahead of their time. Recently, an article has been making it’s way around the tubes that delves into the history of how people could enjoy live music without being anywhere near it. While we might have found it revolutionary that we can listen to music on our phones, it turns out this is no where near a recent invention



(The End of) Financial Times

“I’m trying to warn people about what’s coming…People who have an understanding [of end times] have an obligation to warn everyone.” Says 60 year-old Robert Fitzpatrick, an ex-subway worker in New York who poured his life savings of $140,000 into an ad campaign warning others about May 21st, the day he believes will be Armageddon. His advertisements can now be seen on 1,000 placards and subway cars, along with numerous bus shelters around the city. Fitzpatrick became convinced the world was ending on the 21st after listening to the sermons of California evangelist Harold Camping.


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