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miley never had the swine flu

awejTake it from Miley Cyrus, she doesn’t have Swine Flu. The 16-year-old’s costar pal Cody Linley revealed to ReelzChannel.com on the red carpet of his Forget Me Not premiere last night that Miley had the H1N1 virus. Access Hollywood got the story straight from Miley, shooting down Cody’s assumtion. Miley told the news show, “No! Freaking Cody Linley was on the carpet last night and I think that he just like said stuff, so no. I had like really really bad strep, and I was really really sick, but no. I’m gonna give him a talking to!”



Cody Linley: ‘The Birth of the Music Man’

Cody Linley has been busy working on some new music and he’s excited to share it all with you. He uploaded a new youtube video. He wants everyone to follow him on twitter: @codylinley7 and he even plays a little piano at the end of the video. Cody Linley wants everyone to know that he is working on some new music and will be released in the near future! More videos will be added soon following the journey of the making of Cody’s EP. We’re excited to hear new music from Cody. Are you?



“Come Back Miley” By Josh Golden

Josh Golden is one of the artists featured on Radio Disney’s “N.B.T” (Next Big Thing). Josh writes his own music and has been playing the guitar since he was ten. He is a very talented musician to say the least! You can find out more about him on his MySpace. Josh wrote a little song called “Come Back Miley” after she deleted her twitter account. Check it out!

Here’s Josh’s message on his YouTube account in regards to this video:

miley deleted her twitter so thought i’d make a vid hahah. send this around to your friends and maybe she will come back! or maybe u just get a crack out of it! i made this on the fly why i was in new york! This video is a joke…Just for laughs I hope you have a fun time watching it! Thanks!

I thought it was pretty funny!



Cody Linley goes wild at party!

6a00d8341c2ca253ef0120a622e5e7970c__oPt6a00d8341c2ca253ef0120a622e670970c__oPtWoah Cody  Linley of Hannah Montana and Dancing with the Stars fame was spotted doing some hard-pAArrtying with the ladies! The 19-year-old actor was “drunk as a skunk”, making out with girls and letting them draw all over his bare chest! Wonder what the Disney execs will have to say about these pHOtos? source.