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Update: Cleaning a Record With Glue

Howdy, Fixers! A few days ago I showed you a DIY job that involved cleaning an old record with a little bit of wood glue. The method was intriguing to say the least, and I knew I just had to try it myself. After making a quick stop at my local hardware store for wood glue, I was set with everything I needed.


Sent to the Slammer in Style

The lovely lady pictured above is the latest mugshot for singer Khia Chambers . I say “latest” because this isn’t the first time the police department has snapped her photo – she’s had 19 mugshots taken before this one


Spheres WIN

Nick Sayers is working on a collection of sculptures by making spheres out of mundane objects. Check the via link for more of his work! Submitted by: Unknown Via: Nick Sayers' flickr