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Mud for a Newt

Newt Gingrich’s ex-wife Marianne has come out out with allegations that he asked her to have an open marriage after coming clean about his longtime affair with then-aide-now-third-wife Callista. The best part? All of this took place while Gingrich was working to impeach Bill Clinton for the Monica Lewinsky scandal.




American Mega-Chain Squashes Chinese Small Business Owner’s Attempt at Capitalism

Well… not quite, but Kentucky Fried Chicken has taken legal action against three college students in Beijing who opened a restaurant featuring Barack Obama drawn as their iconic Colonel Sanders logo. KFC came under fire last year for sponsoring an Australian advertisement which featured a white man pacifying rowdy black cricket fans with fried chicken. While the Australian commercial was thought to reinforce a racial stereotype, this store seemed to really only remind us that all good internet content comes from China