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Completely Relevant News: A Mysterious Visitor from a Blocky World

This eight foot tall LEGO statue washed up on Siesta Key Beach in Floriday. The statue, made of fiberglass, had the words “No Real Than You Are” imprinted on its torso, with the name Ego Leonard and the number 8 on its back. Theories abound as to what the statue is about, though LEGOLand officials have already confirmed that this isn’t an official LEGO product in any way



Completely Relevant News: Dinosaurs!

This theropod here (of T-Rex fame) was found in Bavaria, which paleontologists determined to be 98% intact. For reference, the 80% completeness of the famous T-Rex Sue is considered a fantastic treat. There are even remnants of hair (proto-feathers) and some skin (*cue Jurassic Park theme*).


Marathon BAMF WIN

At 100 years old Fauja Singh is the oldest person to finish a marathon, setting the record at the Toronto Waterfront marathon. The feat took him eight hours and twenty five minutes. Check for more information in the via link! Submitted by: Unknown Via: TDW