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Bebop Taxidermy WIN

Darick Maasen had an ordinary boar’s head as a taxidermized mount. A few bits of clothing and some other DIY materials later we have the villain Bebop from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You can even buy the piece off of his Etsy account for a cool $500



Mad Science Creationist Monday: Stocked With 2 Of Every Stupid Idea

Kho Jian, a metalworker from Louhe in Henan province, central China, is designing and building the craft using re-salvaged and converted oil tanks. The ‘Noah’s Ark’ will come at a cost of £20,000, and will be fitted with a range of mod-cons including a kitchen and bathrooms. It will also use technology that is employed for space travel in order to keep it watertight – while also providing doors and windows.



Sassy Embroidery WIN

Check out these great embroidery projects from the fine folks over at Tiiiiga Style. There’s more in the gallery and via link below! Submitted by: Unknown Via: Tiiiiga Style