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cute leaked picture of kevin and danielle

3977316852_b5ebdaf959Check out this cute picture of Kevin Jonas and his future wife Danielle! I know this picture isnt that “special” but i thought it was cute anyways, don’t they make a cute couple? leave a comment and tell me what you think.



Justin Bieber and Keke Palmer Sing Together?

820863987_lJustin_BieberTeen hottie Justin Bieber is guest starring on Keke Palmer’s hit Nickelodian TV show, True Jackson, VP, and he twittered he and KeKe might sing One Time toegher. Excited for the episode? Dont forget to leave a comment under this post and tell me what you think!



Kay Panabaker & Samantha Droke: Eyegore Awards

eyegore005Efron’s ex Kay Panabaker and Samantha Droke pose for a picture at the Chiller Eyegore Awards at Universal Studios in Hollywood on Friday evening. Also attending the event were “Secret Life of the American Teenager” stars Allen Evangelista and Francia Raisa. But wtf is Kay wearing? More pictures under this post.