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Try Harder

Fashion Fail - So Close and Yet So Far

Submitted by: dunno source via Submission Page

Really? Is THIS what passes for runway accessorizing these days? Strapping a damn shoe from the Ross bargain bin to the top of your head?

What’s next? Pushing one of those shopping carts with the big vertical poles down the catwalk? Bringing your four screaming children with you? Modeling the clothes on disinterested customer service people who are not at all helpful?


Shorts Over Jeans? GROSS!

Fashion Fail - RapunzelSubmitted by: Alex via Submission Page

Based on the signage in the background (BART, Muni, the now-defunct Virgin Megastore), I can tell that this scene takes place in downtown San Francisco. So perhaps this dreadlock of varying widths is actually somehow a very detailed record of the last four decades’ worth of seismic activity.


We’ve All Been There. Right? Hello?

His Eyebrows are baldingSubmitted by: Jared via Submission Page

Remember high school? When you were clueless in the ways of style and personal grooming but desperate to stand out from the crown in some way, so much so that in a hail-Mary attempt to be noticed for something—anything—you shaved your eyebrows into a wonky pattern the morning of school picture day?

No? Uh, me either.