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Bride Surprises Terminally Ill Groom by Shaving Her Head at Wedding in Liverpool


Craig has known Joan for over 30 years but never confessed his true love for her until 18 months ago. Their wedding date was set for later in the year, but when Craig was diagnosed with terminally ill pancreatic cancer, the two decided to push their wedding forward.

To show her support for her new husband, Joan shaved her head after walking down the aisle.

*try not to cry*

*cry a lot*




Girl Sends the Most Righteous Response to Tinder Date Telling Her to Bleach Her Skin

Girl Sends the Most Righteous Response to Tinder Date Telling Her to Bleach Her Skin

Australian make-up artist, Takara Allen, has put one of her Tinder matches on BLAST this week for a text of a dude asking her to bleach her skin.

The 22-year-old said she was devastated by somebody telling her she should be whiter, especially a jerk who she had already been on one date with.

“I was so in shock that someone would ever send that to me that I actually started crying out of frustration. I’ve never had anyone suggest that I bleach my skin before.”




This Crazy Girl Hid in her Boyfriend's Trunk After She Found Out He Was Cheating


Two days ago, Twitter user @vickto_willy shared videos of her climbing into the trunk of her cheating boyfriend’s car (all while he is driving with his side-girl) and the Internet demanded answers.

Now, she’s responded by sharing her insane story, so crazy it might become a close rival to Zola’s Florida adventure.

Grab your popcorn and follow along. This one’s a real doozy.



Giant Douche Loses His Mind Because Tinder Date Won't Put Out


The story starts when Arielle met a guy named Endri on Tinder. Things were going more normal than your typical Tinder text exchange, so the two decided to meet for a drink. After a few drinks Arielle began to feel a bit creeped out and announced she was going home.

Endri, who has no idea how dating works, was sure he was going to score since he spent all that money on gas, tolls, and drinks.. you know, because of the implication. But once he realized that wasn’t happening he transformed into this monster.



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