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David Wu Resigns

Painting by Dan Lacey Congressman David Wu resigned yesterday amid allegations that he had a sexual encounter with the 18 year-old daughter of a friend. Wu was the first Chinese-American person elected to congress when he took office in 1998. You will, however, inevitably remember him as that “one guy who with that sex scandal who dressed up like a tiger .” Better than being forgotten, I suppose


In the Next Issue of Tiger Beat

The sex scandal fairy has come TWICE this year so far! (I must have been good in 2010!) Representative David Wu (D-OR) has been accused of an inappropriate sexual encounter on the teenage daughter of a friend: The encounter allegedly took place around Thanksgiving, capping a problematic autumn during which his staff considered hospitalizing him after he displayed erratic behavior. The context, according to the Oregonian, the paper that first reported on the incident: A distraught young woman called U.S. Rep.