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Hot Potato

TAKE IT I CAN’T DEAL WITH IT! U.S. MY GOD I DON’T WANT IT! ( Barack Obama and Julia Gillard ) LoL by: Unknown



Dating: Dump the Stinker

It may seem harsh now, but what if it escalates? “Why fart and waste it, When you can burp and taste it?” DEAL BREAKER Never feel Forever Alone again with , Dating FAILS!



The Hottie Body Hump Club

Jimmy Kimmel’s post-Oscar show was unusually funny, and featured this “sexercise” parody video with some of Hollywood’s hottest ladies. So here it is: “The Hottie Body Hump Club”, featuring Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, and Lindsay Lohan. That’s right, Lindsay Lohan is all up in this b*tch so DEAL WITH IT!



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