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Disney Channel wants more ‘Jonas’

jonasbrothers-500x836The Jonas Brothers are keepers at Disney Channel. The cable channel has ordered a second season of the pop stars’ comedy series “Jonas” and has tapped new executive producers: showrunner Lester Lewis and director Paul Hoen. Disney Channels Worldwide entertainment president Gary Marsh called Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas, who are in Italy as part of the European leg of their Live Nation-produced world concert tour, to give them the pickup news.Production on Season 2 of “Jonas” is slated to begin in February for a premiere in the middle of next year. Additionally, Disney Channel has renewed the trio’s short-form reality series “Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream” for a second season. Filming already is under way for a premiere early next year.

“These guys are the superstars of their generation,” Marsh said. “We had the opportunity to extend our relationship with them, which we did.” Disney’s collaboration with the brothers extends beyond the TV series to the successful “Camp Rock” TV movie franchise, concert tours and concert movies. “Jonas” premiered in the spring to solid numbers but couldn’t match the heights of Disney Channel hits like “Hannah Montana.” “Jonas” has been winning its Sunday time slot in key kids demographics, averaging 3.4 million viewers.

Disney brass is looking to take the show to the next level with the addition of Lewis, who has worked on “The Office” and “The Larry Sanders Show,” and Hoen, who has directed nine Disney Channel movies. “Jonas” is unusual in being a single-camera comedy on a channel dominated by multicamera sitcoms. “Lester Lewis, who is coming off ‘The Office,’ has a particular sensibility and is an expert in the craft of creating single-camera comedy, while Paul Hoen brings a unique visual style,” Marsh said.

Meanwhile, the executive producers who launched “Jonas” — sitcom veteran Michael Curtis and Roger S.H. Schulman — have departed the series. Hoen has directed the Jonases in an episode of their show and in the upcoming sequel “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.” “The Jonas brothers are a rare combination of hugely talented and tremendously likable,” the WME-repped Lewis said.

The new season of “Jonas” will follow the brothers as they set out on a summer vacation in Los Angeles that leads to them landing gigs in show business. In addition to the brothers, “Jonas” co-stars Chelsea Staub and Nicole Anderson.



Jennifer Stone Cast In “Harriet the Spy”

stunning-stone2028729Jennifer Stone will take on the title role in the live-action TV movie “Harriet the Spy” according to the Hollywood Reporter. The movie will be co-produced by the Disney Channel and 9 Story Entertainment. Jennifer will star as high school student Harriet Welsch in the project based on the classic kids book series by Louise Fitzhugh, and will shoot in Hamilton, Ontario, to Dec. 4. The telefilm, directed by Ron Oliver, will debut in 2010 on Disney Channels worldwide and on the CBC and YTV in Canada.The story will follow young Harriet, who is determined to be her high school’s class blogger as she clashes with her nemesis, popular student Marion Hawthorne. In 1996, Nickelodeon made a feature film out of the book series starring Michelle Trachtenberg & Gregory Smith.

Do you think Jennifer will make a good Harriet?

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Megan Fox: ‘Most Beautiful People Have no Personality’

megan-fox_282Sex-bomb MEGAN Fox reckons good-looking celebrities use their beauty as a “mask”.  The Transformers star, 23, says just because Hollywood stars look nice on the outside, it doesn’t mean they’re nice on the inside. “I’ve met endless so-called beautiful people who don’t seem to have personalities or a direction in life,” she said. “They’ve never been forced to develop their characters because they’re viewed as being so attractive. So I think beauty can be a mask.”

Fox recently insisted she isn’t chasing fame. “I try not to focus on fame,” she said. “I am not that aware of it all except at certain times like when I was on the press tour for Transformers and there were large crowds of people wherever we went.

“When I was at the Teen Choice Awards recently it was great. I got very nervous when they got to my category because I thought they would all be screaming for Beyonce but not for me. I thought it would get quiet when they announced my name, I was actually scared.

“But instead there was a huge eruption of screaming and cheering and that made me so happy. I am thrilled to have so many teenage fans. I think teenagers are the best fans to have and if girls like me, then I am extremely happy because I do not want to push the female audience away. “It is a fine line that you walk when you are sold a certain way in the media.  I don’t think I have alienated girls, though, because it is usually teenage girls who approach me.”


Tish Cyrus Talks About “The Last Song”

Reuters has an interesting story and interview out with Miley’s mom Tish Cyrus. The interview is in regards to Miley’s upcoming movie “The Last Song”. We all saw the steamy kissing scenes and it seems that Tish is having to come to Miley’s defense a little bit.  We all know Hannah Montana is ending after this fourth season and that Miley has been going for a more grown-up career. Although “The Last Song” may seem quite grown-up to a lot of people, Tish says it’s just a baby step away from Hannah Montana.“This film is like taking that first baby step away from ‘Hannah Montana,’” Tish Cyrus said. “It’s just a baby step, but she’s doing something different.” Since Miley is really trying to make that shift from tween roles to more older ones, instead of looking for a pre-existing script, Tish contacted “The Notebook” author Nicholas Sparks and asked him to write something specifically for Miley. Tish said, “Sparks is an amazing, faith-based writer and a Christian and he writes about relationships with a family and there is nothing about sex or things I felt were wrong for her”.

“The Last Song” premieres in theaters in April. You can order the book at Amazon now!



Taylor Swift: ‘I’d Make Time For a Boyfriend’

taylor-swift-headband-hottie (7)Taylor Swift says she’d “go for it” if her perfect man came along.  The country music star — who has previously dated Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers — admits she’s probably too busy to have a relationship, but she’d make time for a boyfriend if she found Mr Right. “I have always been really busy, so finding a date was never easy,” she said. “I’m better on my own, moving around and doing career things.

“But if someone comes along who is right for me I will definitely go for it.” However, Taylor, 19, recently admitted she has “no idea” what love is. “I think the reason I write about love so much is because I have no idea what is going on with love. It’s unpredictable and I haven’t figured it out yet,” she said. “Every love story is different and I like to approach every person I meet like they’re a separate book, rather than a chapter in a whole book. I don’t have one general theory for how to date a person.”


Selena Gomez is not the next Miley Cyrus

selena-gomez-dwts-9299-4She’s definitely one of Disney’s hottest talents, but Selena Gomez doesn’t plan on becoming the next Miley Cyrus. Explaining that she just wants to “do her own thing,” Miss Gomez tells, “I’m not here to replace anyone. I’m here doing my own thing. I’m proud to be a part of the Disney Channel family and I’m taking it day by day.”  And while she just recently dropped her debut album called Kiss & Tell, Selena also revealed that she plans to continue to make acting her top priority. “I can’t believe I have a CD!” Gomez exclaimed. “Acting will always be my number one. I just love acting so much. Music is more of a personal thing I like to do.”


Miranda Cosgrove: Learning Lessons

34667PCN_CosgroveSure, she’s not the typical high school student, but Miranda Cosgrove is doing what it takes to get her education in while still maintaining her celebrity. And yesterday (October 4), the “iCarly” actress was spotted getting in some learning time with her personal tutor by her side.  Miss Cosgrove (16) was looking cute and casual as she prepared for a marathon study session, sporting grey and white layered tops with slim fit jeans and big buckled boots.

As for her favorite subject in school, Miranda has confessed she digs pre-calculus.  She tweeted, “Just finished 4 hours of Pre Calculus at the library! It’s actually not that bad.”