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Carbon Storm Trooper WIN

Leonard Carlson and three of his coworkers over at San Diego Composites (manufacturers of missile components and aerospace technology) used some of their excess materials to create these cool carbon-fiber Stormtrooper outfits. Submitted by: Unknown Via: Laughing Squid




Rainbow Windows WIN

These panels were designed by Christopher Janney for the Miami Airport. Just thought a little color would brighten up your morning, WINners! Submitted by: Unknown Via: Local Tees




Book Suggestion WIN

Happy “Final Twilight Movie Release Day” everybody! Celebrate by finding some actual literature to digest! I know my China Mieville books need a little attention at the end of the day. Submitted by: Unknown




Chocolate Sculpture WIN

These chocolate sculptures are from award-winning chef Håkan Mårtensson. As Mårtensson says on his website , chocolate is “an unexplored world of adventure.” The idea seems totally hokey until you’ve seen some of the things he’s made with the medium.




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