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Dating Fails: The Green Lantern is Gay, Ryan Reynolds Assures People That He is Not

After a fair amount of build-up, DC Comics released their rebooted (and decidedly more fabulous) Green Lantern as the first openly gay superhero. Hilariously, the original alter-ego of the Green Lantern, Alan Scott, had an an allergy to wood that (equally hilariously) has been done away with upon his coming out. The foundations of morality as we know it continue to hold, but I’m sure this is just the first step in bringing them crumbling down


New Hotness: Extreme Jaccuzzing

Forget extreme ironing , extreme jaccuzzing is what all the cool kids are doing these days. Back in 2001, two Swiss brothers kludged together a homemade jaccuzzi (added “c” for legal purposes) with a tarp, pallets, rope and a homemade water heater and hung out in it on the side of a mountain. After years of tinkering and perfecting their design, they formed an official association and began to bring their jaccuzzis to environments where a good hot soaking had never taken place