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Raspberry Beretta

Arizona state senator Lori Klein, an outspoken Second Amendment advocate, apparently pointed a loaded gun in the face of a reporter during a recent interview. Republican Sen.





This Guy Totally Looks Like Rotisserie Chicken

This Guy Totally Looks Like Rotisserie Chicken Aw, dude, yeah, you know, I like to hit the gym for a couple hours in the afternoon, PUMP SOME IRON — I can bench like 350 — then hit the tanning salon. The fine piece of tail behind the counter knows I like that dial turned all the way up to ROTISSERIE CHICKEN, and, yeah, I just BAKE for a few hours.




Weathering The Storm

The floods in the South are pretty terrifying and homeowners are going to whatever lengths they can to protect their homes. It’s great to see such amazing ingenuity and resilience in the face of destruction.