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This "Money Hungry Gold Digger Prank" Gets Exposed by an Actress Hired to be in the Video

Actress Vivian Rubio replied to a Craigslist acting gig that she thought sounded fun, only to discover “RiskyRobTV” was shooting a “prank” video exposing Miami women as gold diggers. Frustrated with the premise, Rubio decided to go undercover and expose his falsehood. The best part? He at one point tells her he’s going to blur her face, otherwise “people would be like ‘oh, Risky Rob stages pranks now.'”

Here’s the video they were shooting:



Walmart Used Security Footage to Prove That a Woman's Uplifting Video is Totally Fake

Paige Yore got the attention of the internet with a viral video post about her customer service experience at Walmart. The uplifting story included hugs, a screaming customer, a mother’s suicide and a reminder to help those in need. Now it turns out that it was all fake.

Today we have Walmart to thank for bringing us all down from the faith in humanity high. After several inquiries about the poor cashier from the community the Pueblo, CO Walmart where this story allegedly took place decided to investigate.

What they found was a pretty boring day. The closest thing to an altercation seemed to be a customer who had an issue with a language barrier which was quickly and politely resolved.

The good news? That cashier’s mom is okay everybody!


Local News Catches a Near "Accident" on Camera in an Effort to Create News

This totally believable “near miss” was caught on camera by Utah’s Fox 13 news station. The piece was reporting on the crosswalk by a bridge that motorists tend to ignore and drive right through, or in this case come to a complete stop and start driving again as soon as a pedestrian walks by. According to a Reddit user who claims to drive by that area often there is a pedestrian bridge just out of frame so it’s not as if pedestrians in the area are out of options. Seems like they were just having a slow news day. Maybe they should investigate that criminal in the van who goes around waiting to hit pedestrians?






So Much Classier Than Praderp

This reminds me of that time somebody was trying to call me out for having a fake Louis Vuitton bag. I mean, the snakeskin had only JUST started to fall off after a week, that doesn’t mean it’s fake! Submitted by: Unknown