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Too Humane

The all new “Mitt Mutt” head carrier “For those days when you just don’t have a car roof handy.” Made in China ( Mitt Romney ) LoL by: OniDrEvil Picture by: Unknown


Belated Canada Day Post

Yesterday was Canada Day! What am I thankful to Canada for? Poutine! Fries with gravy with cheese curds courtesy of our lovely neighbors in The True North! (How is it America didn’t think of this first?!) Submitted by: Unknown


The Diary Code

(Dear Diary, Another bad hair day, and everything that could go wrong did today. But I think there’s this boy that likes me, he keeps looking at me. He’s trying to see what I’m writing right now, so I’m writing this in code.) ( Hillary Clinton ) LoL by: Chris10a Picture by: Unknown