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Calendar Time

My co-worker found this great post – Simple Numbers, Complicated Dates -which lists 49 CALENDARS. I won’t make you sit through that. But I will show you some of our favorites. Warning: After reading this post you may feel overly inspired to draw or make your own calendar. Like I do. Here’s our top 9:

1.Vintage Calendar Pencil Sharpener


This one is definitely my favorite – hence being first in the list. Okay it’s not super practical and it probably cost 20 cents when it was originally purchased but there is something about old school junk that makes you smile. Who decided that was a good idea? I guess everyone needs a pencil sharpener on their desk so it might as well be a calendar too? Either way, you can but this sweet item on HeyYoYo’s Etsy .

2.Cute Overload


Okay I know I know pet pictures are annoying. But admit it- they’re cute too. CuteOverload.com is pretty popular I guess (secretly, I like I can haz better) but if you want to stare at disgustingly cute pets this is the website for you. And now they have calendar. Yippee.

3.Calendar Magnets



I can’t understand any of the language on this website so we will just call these “calendar magnets.” Love them with all my heart. I guess I’ve always been a sucker for good looking fridge magnets so I easily fell for these.

4. Tickler Calendar for the Slip Method


When I look at this calendar I think “cool it’s a calendar made out of little boxes that you can stick stuff in.” I think it might be more complicated than that. Check this out. I believe there is a lot of theory behind the design of this thing and I think that’s great and all but really I just like the pockets. Those are very cool.

5.DIY Calendar


DIY is soo in right now. So is custom stuff. I actually really like this idea. Click on this link and print of the PDFs (with or without the months) and you can decorate them yourself! Print them off for your kids or for yourself and go to town. This might satisfy that urge you have to make something but with this you won’t have to make it all the way.

6.Vintage Calendars


I know, vintage calendars, sounds like a bad idea. But. Then you find this website – WhenCanIReuseThisCalendar.com – which tells you what calendars you can use from previous years and what years you’ll be able to use your current calendar in future. I like that

7.Firefox Nerd Calendar


Hey I like firefox as much as the next guy. But would I hang up this calendar? I don’t know. Either way, this calendar will keep you up to date with Firefox’s projects for the next year. I guess another selling point is that you can be reminded of firefox, even when your computer is turned off.

8.Burning Calendar




It sounds pretty satisfying to pull each day off and burn it at night. Feels like you said goodbye to the day in a more honoring way. I also just really like matches, I’ll be honest. Like the smell, like to light them, etc. The only thing that makes me nervous about this is that the whole thing would go up in giant flames if you dropped one of your matches for the day. I guess that would happen with any paper calendar.

Desk Pad Calendar


The calendars we sell might not be super exciting but who doesn’t want a desk pad calendar? I have always eyed these things, biding my time to get one. Maybe next year. I love the idea of having a big paper calendar that I can write on all the time. None of this sideways, writing on the wall crap. It fits perfectly under your keyboard – just be careful you don’t leave a lot of rings with your coffee mug. Buy this House of Doolittle Calendar here.

Tell us about your calendars! What are you using this year? I need to get one and I need your advice asap. Have a great day!