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Stanford Fan Can't Take a Hint & Trolls Bowl Game Interview

Stanford ran train over Michigan State on Saturday, bringing home an impressive 45-16 Rose Bowl victory.

Christian McCaffery put on a heroic performance as the game’s star running-back, but the poor kid couldn’t catch a break from an adrenaline-charged douche who did everything but grab the fu*king microphone and chuck it through the goalpost during McCaffery’s interview.

Real-talk bro, GTFO. There’s fan, superfan, and whatever the heck that guy in the background was. Don’t be that guy.


Redskins D-Lineman Ricky Jean Francois Is About to Break the Internet With These 'Star Wars' Cleats


Jean Francois showed off these cleats, which depict Darth Vader and Kylo Ren to the eager eyes of the internet today. Francois plans on hitting the gridiron tonight against the Eagles, sporting these flashy new cleats. Let’s just say the force is strong with this one. Lightsabers not yet NFL approved though.