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Of All the Name Changes That Took Place in the UK Last Year, These Are the Best


85,000 people changed their name last year in the UK. It’s surprisingly easy to change your name there, it costs £33 for an adult and you can use any name that has a first and last name, isn’t vulgar or impossible to pronounce and doesn’t have a made up title or any numbers or symbols. That leaves a lot to work with which is why these wonderful names are now legally acceptable, real names of real people.




This Sleep Talker's Wife Sends Him Messages to Keep a Record of the Hilarious Things He Said in His Sleep


Many people think that dreams are a product of the subconscious. Some look for meaning or even prophecies within their dream. Almost everyone is able to keep their dreams inside their own head but Imgur user LongTitlesMakeMeHappy is not one of them. He mumbles responses, accusations and general statements while he’s a asleep and his wife messages it to him so he won’t forget a moment of it.


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