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These 10 Comics Show That Florida Man is One Of The Weirdest Superheroes Out There

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America’s Dong, Florida surely provides a terrific territory for hijinks and fortunately for us, Mandatory has compiled these great comics drawn by Dave Rappoccio showcasing one of the weirdest superheroes out there, Florida Man. Rumor has it that newspaper headlines supply him with powers of unknown strength in his battle against sound logic.

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On the Internet, Everybody Knows You're Actually Terrible


You know how on the internet you can get away with embellishing the truth a little to make yourself sound better than you really are?

Spoiler alert: you can’t. Everyone knows you’re a phony, and Japanese memes are calling you out for it. Message boards like 2ch have been circulating images comparing the “online you” to the “real world you,” and it ain’t pretty. The next time you’re thinking about lying about yourself, remember these comparisons.









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