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Miranda Cosgrove Quitting iCarly?

Yupp, she’s quitting iCarly, but not for what you think. It’s part of iCarly’s new movie, called, you guessed it, iQuit iCarly. In “iQuit iCarly,” the iCarly gang invites two up-and-coming wacky web comedians, Fleck and Dave, to be guests on their show. When Carly and Sam learn that the guys are entering a web contest for a cash prize, they volunteer to help create an awesome video. Unfortunately, Fleck and Dave have a big blowout which results in Carly and Sam taking sides and putting their own friendship to the test. Their rift makes it increasingly difficult for them to continue doing the web show, leaving Freddie and the rest of their fans to wonder if this is the end of iCarly. Meanwhile, Spencer’s obsession to win a boat pays off and he finds himself the owner of a new speedboat. However, without a place to dock his prize, Spencer is left to captain the boat in the parking lot, much to the dismay of one of his neighbors, who plays for his colleges baseball team the Pirates. thx disneyteencentral!



It’s bringing back the vibes of Nick Jonas’ solo career, but I’m kind of disappointed with the Jonas Brothers because I saw an interview asking if Kevin was leaving the band because he’s getting married, they all said no, that NO ONE was leaving the band, that they were all to stay together. Download this prew under this post! 

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‘The Last Song’ Trailer To Premiere November 17

Cutie Miley Cyrus smiles at Liam Hemsworth in this new still from The Last Song. The trailer will premiere on facebook on November 17 at 10pm EST/7pm PST. The trailer has only previously been seen at Miley’s Wonder World Tour.  The Last Song is based on the book of the same name by Nicholas Sparks. It is set in a small Southern beach town where an estranged father (GREG KINNEAR) gets a chance to spend the summer with his reluctant daughter (MILEY CYRUS), who’d rather be home in New York. He tries to reconnect with her through the only thing they have in common—music—in a story of family, friendship, secrets and salvation, along with first loves and second chances. The film is directed by Julie Anne Robinson from a screenplay by Spars & Jeff Van Wie. It also co-stars Liam Hemsworth & Kelly Preston. + 2 more pics at:  source.