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Avril Lavigne is Fed Up with People Bashing Nickelback

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If there’s one thing the internet loves to hate on, it’s Nickelback. Even though every ’90s kid can sing along to that ‘Photograph’ song, or even ‘How You Remind Me’ it’s something they wish the could forget.

Avril Lavigne is on a mission to squash the hate and asks fans to remember the good times. You know, those times where you were force fed Nickelback on the radio and there was nothing you could do about it…






The Oscar Reviews Are In: BAD AWARD SHOW IS BAD

I got nothin’ but love for James and Anne, but it seems like the general consensus following the Oscars was that the show was a flop. The NY Times writes: “Distracted and blase’”, while The Hollywood Reporter said Franco straight-up “Bombed”. Not good… Also worth mentioning, one TV exec was quoted as saying: This was a disaster