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I tell ya, by the time that news conference was over my nose was this long. ( Herman Cain ) LoL by: janeandkitty Picture by: Unknown



After bowing out of the presidential race, Herman Cain owned up to the fact that he made use lyrics from Pokemon the Movie 2000 in a speech earlier this year.





Cain Reassessing Campaign

Herman Cain is reportedly reassessing his campaign after another woman has come forward alleging a 13-year affair with him. If all these allegations prove to be true, can we officially call sex scandals that ruin candidacies “pulling a John Edwards?” Can I coin that



They Might Be Giants

Sometimes, when I drink one of these things, I like to pretend I’m a giant with a regular sized cup of coffee ( Herman Cain ) LoL by: Deepest_Darkest_Sin Picture by: Unknown