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Completely Out of The Way of Feet

From the submitter: My new video card is rather LARGE, and there was only one slot on the motherboard which could accomodate it. It’s VERY close to my sound card (which also cannot be moved), and I noticed a strange “ping..ping..PINGPINGPING” sound coming from the case. All the heat generated inside was making the entire video card warp slightly (this only occurs when playing Fallout 3 with LOTS of mods) and the fan was coming into contact with some of the solder points on the sound board! Yikes! He had problems with overheating so he decided to fix it with little pieces of plastic



Kludge Ensemble

From the submitter: I was too cheap to buy the cord to hook up the iPad to my exercise bike’s screen and there was no ledge to set it on like a book. So I kludged this together using some suction cup hooks mounted to the screen and a spring clamp.








Good Thing They Remembered The Ice!

I can picture it perfectly, this is a Canadian remake of Ocean’s Eleven where a gang dresses up like construction workers to break into Tim Horton’s to obtain their original Dutchie recipe. ~NSHA Submitted by: 4SYTH

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